Because Every Day is an Occasion!

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Flash back to the time when you were in college (thumbs up if you are still in one). Every day was an occasion then. This was the way life was meant to be, until you became pro, and worldly matters crept in and you started acting your age. Ahhh…, but trust me, every day can indeed be an occasion even now. A typical college-goer would focus more time in the way she dresses up because staying up with the trends was important, the fact of the matter is that it is still as important, or may be more. In the grown up life, pulling up the ante is all the more important just to keep you away from the melancholy that sets into life.

Every morning you wake up till the time you step out, that is the personal space and time that calls for your attention. It is during this duration when you should sit back and take a moment to decide on the means to give yourself a treat.

So, how to celebrate each day in your life? Hmm, may be those big earrings to complement that new leather belt you have got, or those leopard leggings to go with your ankle boots…or just a little clutch to hold on to while you are having that evening stroll….the little things which can make you feel good J.

The idea behind all this gyaan is to realize the importance of ‘you in you’, to love yourself. Treating yourself in these small ways give you those tickles of joy that keep you going. So, ‘The hourglass project’ recommends a bucket list to celebrate each day…stay tuned to view the bucket list. Till then, happy dressing!



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 Because Every Day is an Occasion!