Fashion and the cycle of confusion

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Fashion Circus (Photo credit: Paolo Neoz)

Here is a thing ‘the hourglass project’ has quoted time and again, and I quote again- ‘Most women love what they buy, and yet end up hating most of what is in their closet. I call it the vicious fashion confusion cycle. How many times has it happened to you? Right before an important evening, you open up your wardrobe and a significant time passes wherein you keep on staring blankly. The hope for that elusive spark of inspiration vanishes with every passing moment.

Ahhh, it has happened, hasn’t it? Some ‘experts’ say it is a perennial feminine problem and doesn’t have a solution. Fortunately, there are solutions and pretty much on hand. Fashion follows up with innumerable queries and confusions. And more often than not, a helping hand is more than welcome.

Fashion happens to be a very personal thing. The whole part of dressing up is not about copying what’s on the cover of those magazines, or copying up a trend. It is having an assured and confident feeling. You should try to stop submitting to the trends and instead develop your own unique style, the one that shapes you and your confidence.

All these issues bring forth the need for a fashion advice site customized for you. ‘Hourglass project’ takes the onus to help shape you up, anytime and everywhere. The next time you are up against one of those blank moments, hop on to and we will ensure that you have none of them anymore. Have a colorful day fellas!


 Fashion and the cycle of confusion