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Fashion Long Hairstyles-13 (Photo credit: Agnes Jr)


The desi avatar of fashion, for the you in you!!

Fashion is such a ubiquitous term that it often falls on the border of being misleading and hence we have a deluge of fashion victims. The very definition of fashion is incomplete without taking into account the place and the occasion. A large part of the confusion surrounding fashion is brought to us by the internet and the global barrage of ´fashion pics´ and blogs. This is where the need of a desi site comes up.

When one looks up at one of these American or European sites, one encounters the canvas of couture made famous by the celebrities and models alike.

Prettier though these may look, they are ´relevant´ only for the place they are captured in. Indian fashion sense comes as a blend of our cosmopolitan advances, the weather of the country and last but not the least, the curves of our women. No matter how adoring a dress looks to one´s eyes, the fit and the feel is most important for the mirror to love you back. India needs an up and personal fashion advising site, and you know why ?

Globally, seasons are as different as the colors in a Mexican ensemble. One can´t copy style of an A-line dress for the Chennai summers, nor can you flaunt that awesome body of yours wearing a trendy European outfit in delhi winters. There needs to be a blend, one so sophisticated and so elegant that you stand out, yet you are very much part of it!

Alrite, fashion and the world around us has indeed become a global commodity. But we have our own pool of designers to choose and advise from. We have our own Ritu kumars and Rohit Bals to fashion you up. An Indian site would be much at ease inspiring you with these than any foreign one.

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Fashion Long Hairstyles-10 (Photo credit: Agnes Jr)

Then there is that thing called taste. While a flowing designer sari, with that sensuous backless that might just be fitting for a mehndi ceremony of your neighbour´s wedding, but no foreign website is going to offer you this. Same is the vice versa case, a lady Gagaesque dress might pull off the carpet under your legs in India.

And then off course there are those plethora of Indian customs and traditions that are so desi that even expats living here for a decade won´t get a hang of them.

Hourglass project is an honest step to bridge this gap. It´s an attempt to make India fashionable. It´s a step in the direction of making you access designerwear desi style, to make you fall in love yourself once again. Drop in a word or two, or just browse through, www.hourglassproject.com to know more.

We are here to bring it all back, to present to you the golden band, for you have been the most important factor in your life, you have always been!!

Adios from the hourglass project www.hourglassproject.com !
 HOURGLASS PROJECT  Fashion Advice Site for India