Looking Good on a Tight Budget

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Quiet Girl with a Credit Card Looking Good on a Tight Budget

Quiet Girl with a Credit Card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, with your budget poking you, it becomes quite tough to ‘look good’. But what you don’t realize that there are ways that you can still pull it off and in style even when you are on a tight budget. Cause we think, that looking good is more about the attitude than anything else. Here we explore certain ways how one can look good without a big credit card statement.

Wardrobe Makeover

Our organization’s foundation is on the fact that most women use only 1/3 of their wardrobe while the rest 2/3 gather moss. Yes, this is true. Here we advise you that if there are clothes that haven’t been worn by you in any of the seasons that passed last year, you should gift them away. Unless of course, they carry an emotional value for you. With your wardrobe getting a new life, it will let you mix and match newer styles plus the space it provides could lead you to better buys.


Not every color suits everyone. Intuitively, everyone knows this. But there is also some aspect of science in it. Wearing the right colors could really accentuate the tone of your body and your shape. Please refrain from wearing the colors that you feel so-so about. Trust your instincts when choosing colors, experiment, be rave-acious; cause just like love it takes time to find the right one, only in this case there should be more than one.

Wear the right fit

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The dress? (Photo credit: Leia)

Your body is unique. As is like everyone else’s. Don’t fall prey to the factory sizing fad. They do that cause its easier for them. They do that because they don’t know you. There are many issues with sizing and as a shopper you know, how you have to try clothes a number of times and ask your friends before really handing over your plastic. It’s very important that you wear dresses that enhance the appeal of your natural assets and hide your flaws (not to say that you have one, but then everyone does). Even the best of clothes, if ill-fitting could really make for a “Dress-Well-Soon Day”

Don’t be sold on SALE !!

3-in-1, Buy 1 get one free, 49% plus 50% off. I am sure everyone falls prey to these, we too have. The last one in fact was very confusing initially, doesn’t 49% plus 50% off means 99%. Please remember the old adage, Quality over Quantity. Stock clearance may seem like a good bargain but it’s always advisable to buy clothes that you like and would want to be seen in. Fitting, Color, Washability, Style: only when all these boxes are checked should you make your mind on the dress. You’d be back to Step 1 if you do get sold on Sale.

Accessories: Your best friend

Just wearing a scarf or a different set of buttons on a top could give a very different set of looks.  With rising heat, sunglasses are the way to go. Besides protecting your eyes, they also add a lot of glamour to your face. But choose the right pair that sits well on your face. There  are so many accessories that could add so much appeal to your whole dressing sense. We would like to go into details about each one of the accessories; so watch out for the following posts



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 Looking Good on a Tight Budget