Making the mundane fashionable!

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100x150 Making the mundane fashionable!

There is always that one woman colleague of yours that you secretly envy, the one who makes heads turn. And more often than not, it is not only the looks. It is the way they dress up, and boy…you always wonder how they pull it off with such limited time. How indeed do they manage to do it? The trick, as in most of the things is in believing that you can do it, that you do look good, that you NEED to look good, for it is an eternal Indian psyche to perform under pressure .

Here is the deal, the ‘Hourglass Project’ presents before you. Start off by being neat, for what is not spotless only can be fashionable. Let us start by what I call the 3 tipping points, the 3 visible ones.

Your ‘nails’ have to be manicured, polished and clean …always! The color of your nail polish(if you do wear them), should in no way be random but should match the outfit and your mood, and of course the occasion. If at all you are cleaning up the previous day’s polish, clean them well, no marks, not an iota should be up for sighting to guess that you had something on your nails.

75px Vanity Fair June 1914b Making the mundane fashionable!

Shoes, well well well, they are nothing but a statement.  More than being fashionable and couture stuff, they HAVE to be neat, polished and going with what covers your remaining torso. Pointed shoes tend to be rough on edges if you wear them often.  Your office shoes, especially the ones you put on regularly wear off and they are not much on the radar. Idea is to make them look new and fresh so that it may complement your garments and other accessories.

Hair…aha! I am pretty sure that each one of you indeed take good care of your hair and devote considerable amount of time on that.  The big question is do you do it on a daily basis or is it a weekend marathon stuff?  Your hair, long or short, curly or straight, needs to be nourished pretty regularly.  Style them regularly with the right accessories (clips, bands or whatever that suits you, but mind you, it should match up  ). Keep those clips box handy, just to change your hairstyle in the middle of the day. Those little joys of being a woman who can style up without much efforts are totally worth it.

The Hourglass project wants you to look and feel good. We are in for a revolution here, dressing up had never been so easy. Stay neat, stay fashionable… Stay hooked to for more trips and tricks. Till the next post, keep looking good, adios!


 Making the mundane fashionable!