Why do you wear what you wear part -II

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Fashion by Rachel Ariel Photography (Photo credit: rawphotowomen)

Continuing from the previous article

The modern day advertising is based on the concept that the customer, that is You, could be manipulated into thinking and acting as they want you to i.e. shop for their product and also go out and spread the word that their product is amazing and that all your near and dear ones should also try it. This is the gist of it all. Now let us just try to unravel this mystery.

The nature of Fashion Advertising is to tie the product – with which we cover our bodies for public presentation – in a complex web of the Identity. Your Identity.

The whole fashion media and its advertisements convey a spectrum of Self, with the underlying common suggestions – young girls, high prestige and status, high desire and sensuality. This aggregation of symbolic imagery, which has been created by highly-paid designers, photographers, models, artists; is a mean to publicize these products on the basis of artificially-constructed image-based identities to the unsuspecting and naïve public.

Take the instance of the large global fashion brands. Even though their target market is a select strata of society  (the high cost of these goods have an inherent self-selection bias), the identity images associated with those products are propagandized to a much larger audience. The goal is to brainwash the larger set of the now-untappable market into a prospective market for the future, thus ensuring unending demand and hence their existence. And all the fashion related brands, big or small, maintain a consistency in projecting an alternate version of You. And there is just one underlying Rule to it – that this alternate version of YOU is much better than the real YOU.

Now, if you thought the games were over. Nopes. Sorry to disappoint you. But it has just started.

The fashion media is smart enough to understand that you won’t buy this so easily. So, the Alternate-You is not created so far-fetched so as not to make it feel impossible to achieve. I mean, it may be difficult to get that chiselled body, but then if you wear this dress, who’s even going to notice your body. Right. So toying with your image identification, it presents to you the illusion as real. The illusion that the real difference maker is that bag, or the pair of shoes. And since these things have a price-tag (albeit high ones), they can be bought and could change the Real-You to a Better-You.

Thus viewing fabricated Alternate-Us, repeatedly and over a long stretch of time, pushes us common people to start accepting the Alternate-Us into the Real-Us in effect embedding these images into our psyche. These images then become a desired part of our character.

And then starts the whole cycle of frequent mall visits and endless card-swipings followed by momentary rounds of pleasure. You still could end up as a winner if at all, you could have maintained your sanity going through this entire maze and ending up with not-so-bad or even good purchases. But chances are less and for a select and divine few. For the most of us, there is still one more hurdle to cross. This hurdle is called Shopping.

But we’ll come to it the next time. Till then, Happy Dressing.



 Why do you wear what you wear part  II